I have surfaced again with some interesting updates. I recently finished facilitating another Service Design masterclass at The Royal College of Arts…

Service Design Masterclass, Royal College of Arts

photo 5Earlier this month, we completed our 4th Service Design masterclass at The Royal College of Arts, for the Fusion project.  Participants comprised of designers, business owners, start up entrepreneurs as well as senior exec members from both public and private sector. The intent of these masterclasses are to enable businesses and creative practitioners to understand how Service Design can add value to their work. It aims to help them start thinking of not only how they deliver services to their clients but, to also influence the way they develop their own business.

photo 4 The Service Design Masterclass aims to get brain cells ticking and imagination flowing. The classes are co-creative in nature, where everyone is encouraged to challenge ideas, service design theories and find meaning in the design thinking process. The hope is that at the end of the class, participants leave with an individual perspective on what they think Service Design can do for them.

photo 2I am running the next one in September. If you are signed up with the RCA for the Fusion group, then don’t miss the last one for this year. I woke up to this email from one of the participants- thought I would share with you 🙂

‘I wanted to thank you for putting together a very engaging and enjoyable Masterclass today. In my view, the success of the event was largely due to the very able and knowledgeable delivery of the subject by Niharika and particularly in a way that a lay person could digest what was being said instantly. It wasn’t about industry speak, but about finding a common language and this is what made the topic and it’s application so relevant  to a cross-section of industries.’ (Eseri Ehtel, Director at LPA property Ltd)

Have a lovely week everyone!


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