Here are some great finds online….

 Ever wondered what your face would look like in 2060?

Future forecast beyond silicon implants, nose jobs, Botox needles and skin whitening products. Fastcode has some mind ticklers for you. These scared me every so slightly but, I immediately embraced the reality of it.


 Conversnitch- The spy lamp


While doing my BA in Design I spent 3 amazing years studying digital filmmaking. Part of that meant learning how to understand and write scripts and screenplays. One exercise we did in order to help us write and structure narratives was to walk around the city eavesdropping on conversations and stitching them into scripts.

This month Wired features a lamp that does something similar. The ‘Conversnitch’ is a lamp that eavesdrops on conversations and then posts them on Twitter! Creators Brian House and Kylie McDonald are hoping that their work raises awareness and questions about the nature of public and private spaces in an era when anything can be broadcast by ubiquitous, Internet-connected listening devices.

The Bullet Vanishes


Of late, I have been watching some brilliant films from the South East part of the world. I last watched ‘The Bullet Vanishes’ a Chinese action film directed by Chi Leung Law.

The film is shot beautifully; fantastic frames and the colour palette with tones of grey, brown and blue add to the 1930 backdrop of Tiancheng, China. The characters in the film are well sculpted and regardless the language barrier (if you don’t speak Mandarin), one can easily associate and respond to the key protagonists.

Without the use of dramatic music and cliff hangers, the film manages to create a gripping narrative where each twist in the story makes ‘ The Bullet Vanishes’ more tantalizing than ever.

Have a good Friday everyone!




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