I was totally slammed with work this week and the weekend shows no sign of slowing down (i kept myself happy with a snicker bar a day rule).

Here is a quick list of awesome stuff I have been wanting to share with you guys

The ‘must have’ book

photo-31Sitting on our coffee table is a book that I highly recommend you add to your collection.

Pocket Atlas of remote islands’ a book written by Judith Schalansky  talks about islands that are so tiny and remote that one would never visit them or in some cases are not allowed to visit!

It’s a great book to let your mind wander beyond the world maps we have grown up seeing.

 The ‘must check’ out apps

Peek- Calendar app for IOS


Anish discovered the app while doing some research and we had to download it because it looked really special. I am a manic organizer and I cant survive without my lists. Apps that help you plan your days are always something that interest me but, I have never found one that fits into my behaviour and patterns but rather forces me to align with the app. This app looks great and it is beautifully designed.

Its not groundbreaking in what it shows you- dates, calendar view, the ability to add events, reminders etc but what it does beautifully is that it reimagines how you engage with calendar apps! It makes the entire experience new, exciting and more importantly fun. My favourite feature- if you shake it, you get a message like call someone, or do something fun.

Set up by Ideo Alumini, Amid Moradganjeh it is the first product by Square mountains who call Peek- The calendar humanized. Read more about their story and design process here.

Marvel app.

462150780_640I do most of my prototyping in Axure but here is something that claims to remove the complexity from prototyping. Ideal for visual designers, Marvel App in collaboration with Drop box allows you to add interactions to your screen and share it directly with your clients (via drop box). The advantage of Marvel is that it allows you to directly create interactions using your psd design files and it directly updates your prototype if you update your source file. Tried it anyone?

Take a look at their demo video here.

That’s all for now!

Have a good weekend everyone.



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