Traditional Japanese Art 119I spent this week reading about Japanese artists, modern as well as traditional.  What struck me about Japanese artists like Yoshimoto Nara, Yoshiro Tachibana and of course Kusama is a singular icon/object that the paintings focuses on. It is that one object that hooks us in, making the paintings wonderfully minimal and yet complex. A lot like Japanese Haiku.  Consider Yoshimoto’s portraits- a painting of a boy or a girl on a flat background but the character tells a whole different story.


Japanese paintings appear to me, as minimal but at the same time showing great complexity, drama, narrative and craft. The expertise and genius of the artist comes through in the strokes, attention to detail and how he/she ties in all these elements together.


Yoshiro Tachibana - Tutt'Art@ (8)

I couldn’t help think of the project I am currently on- designing for a global enterprise, a portal that communicates their unified vision to their customers. How can we treat online interactions in the same wonderful, emotional manner like Japanese artists do and did? A single object communicate masses of content, products, numbers, figures, videos with the same minimalism as the Japanese artists?


On that note, take a look at the Huge website that was launched recently. Any thoughts?

huge website

Hope you are all having a good week


2 thoughts on “Japanese artists & universal principles of design

  1. Hello. I am in love with the first painting on this page. Do you know who is the artist and the title of the painting? Thank you.

  2. I found it as part of an article on Japanese Traditional paintings while searching online. Its beautiful, also one of my favourites 🙂

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