A few things to love on the internet this week…


The Uber service that has not only made life easy but the responsive site is beautiful and easy to use. Pleasantly surprised to also see this on Tim Brown’s blog- Design Thinking as well.


I absolutely loved this photograph and the project called Solarium by Light and Landscape. This experimental greenhouse has walls made of caramelised sugar, giving it a unique tint.

‘Solarium is designed to be viewed from afar, where it appears as a jewel-like object, and from within, for the experience of its unusual plays of light.’

Light and Landscape (May 12 — November 11, 2012) features work by fourteen artists who use natural light as an essential artistic material, much as they would use marble, paint, or wood. They take inspiration from the sun, moon, and stars; from lightning and fire.

The new Mercedes Benz advert this week on tele not only made me laugh out loud but also sit up and take notice. I love that they managed to create something memorable without evening showing their product! Such a refreshing difference from the usual automobile advertisements.

Minor Lakes 10-29-Mid-Res

While flipping through the latest Wired magazine, I came across some amazing illustrations by Philippines based designer  Dan MatutinaWinner of the  Art Directors Club Young Guns Award for 2013 (Year 11), take a look at his wonderful site twisted fork.

Bye for now! Off to watch ‘Wolf of Wall street


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