Niharita copy


Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of the Art Quest Initiative to support the arts education. Art Quest developed a series that considered the impact of an art education on careers in sectors outside the arts. 6 people were invited to be part of this, individuals such as myself, CEO of a new technology research foundation, a priest and a psychotherapist.

Most would perhaps know that due to the economic instability over the last years, the government is cutting budgets and funding. Research and art organisations seem to have suffered the most with several smaller consultancies losing government funding and as a result shutting down. The reason behind this is that the ‘practical’ or ’functional’ value of the arts was unclear. How is the world, economy or the government benefiting from the arts.

The value of arts and arts education is unquestionable in my mind and I can ramble on about this over a cup of coffee or brunch if you like however, for now, I leave you with the video.

Share it and pass on the message!


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