There was a lot of buzz and anticipation around what kind of products and service Apple would offer after the death of Steve Jobs and now the Microsoft camp seems to getting a substantial amount of attention (criticism and otherwise) with its showcase of innovative products.

‘When Microsoft showed off their surface tablet a few months back, it wasn’t the OS, the battery life, or the touch screen that stole the show. It was a clever case that doubled as a keyboard. In retrospect, of course that case was a big deal; typing is the one important thing that you really can’t do well on a contemporary tablet. Microsoft recognized the platform’s chief design flaw and fixed it.’

The mouse that couples with the tablet is equally interesting. It is the lightest mouse made my Microsoft and it can fit into your pocket.

‘An interesting bridge technology to support multi-touch gestures for those who insist on using a standard mouse (or those who really need one for using Photoshop or Illustrator in their desktop-style incarnations).’

Read the full article here.

Apart from innovation, if Microsoft needs a push; it’s definitely in the direction of re-branding. Recently, design student Andrew Kim undertook the challenge as part of a 3-day projects and the results were quite impressive! read more here.


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