I recently spent a very useful day attending the Emotional IT workshop organized by Design Thinking Network UK on the 3rd of July. The workshop attracted an interesting mix of participants from the IT sector, business development, law and of course design background.

Emotional IT aimed to explore ways in which information technology could be effectively humanised. The topic has been discussed to no end over the last decade or so but, I suppose the novelty to this subject was that it aimed to employ a service design approach to do this.

Using methods that Design Thinking Network have created like value mapping, the workshop divided people into groups to work on issues they have encountered where they have felt that IT was in fact not human centric at all.

Presentations were quite varied ranging from designing an IT platform for homeless people to thinking about generating more employment amongst young people using business and IT resources.

The value mapping exercise was perhaps the most meaningful one through the brainstorm and workshop activities. Value mapping might be a subjective method of articulating how people think and can also be understood in various ways (personal values, cultural values, business values etc) but, it is an essential approach to try understand what we want our customers to become.

You can join the Design Thinking Network here


Their next workshop is about retail spaces and you can get tickets here.



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