Hello everyone,

Today with strong resolve of not letting posting on FN slip down the bottom of my priority list- I have emerged from the dark!

So lots has happened these past few weeks!

I am officially in London now. This is it. I am going to set aside my stick and bundle and make this my home for the coming few years!

I am officially a Designer at Seren Partners Ltd here.

I have hence officially moved out of Nokia Research Center.

My time at NRC was amazing! I grew so much as a designer and researcher and I am only beginning to see that now. So good times then! and good times now at Seren!

Seren is lovely design studio with  a force of about 30+creative brains. We have a gorgeous office in Old Street and we are doing incredible work for some of the biggest companies in the world such as Vodafone.

Things have been a bit crazy since the time I landed in London, about two weeks back. I literally landed running. Finding an apartment, packing, unpacking, starting work and now I am beginning to feel a bit more settled- which is an amazing feeling!

I am going to post pictures of things around me this weekend so come back! But for now I am leaving you with some noon inspiration- to snap those brain cells shrouded in the post lunch laziness!

Check out Stacy Rozich’s blog and work!


I do a lot of illustration work inspired my mythology, strong clear lines and her work really resonated with my sense of aesthetics. I love her illustrations, the humor and the diversity!





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