I recently had the amazing good fortune of designing my friend’s sister’s wedding card! We wanted something that  had a strong traditional aesthetic with a modern edge to it. Something that told a story, that was fun and a bit quirky.

Screen printed gold on cream white silk paper, the cards are held together by a butter paper, gold cover. Here is what they look like! Nothing compared to the real thing, of course. I will post more images here once I receive my personal copy of the card!

The visual theme of the card was inspired by symbols in Indian mathematics and mythology representing perfect symmetry and harmony. The yantra geometrical form of the lotus which represents union, harmony, beauty and the heart has been used to create patterns in this card.


The main wedding card is always very  religious in its representation. In South India it is marked with turmeric on all 4 edges. The Elephant God Ganesha is also placed on the card as a mark of divine blessings. Ganesha is worshiped before the start of anything new and hence it is a common and essential practice to place Him at the very beginning of the card.

Congratulations Ruhi and Bharath!


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