Hello all!

This time I have been terrible! Just God awful. I have no excuses, but to hang my head in shame! I do have many (colorful variety) of reasons for not posting much the last few weeks! Though I would like to thank all the people who were reading and writing to me during this crazy busy time!

There has been a lot going on in life and work. I am currently busy designing and conceptualizing interaction models for an exciting service along with another lovely designer Shama! Very exciting! I wish I could share it with you guys but, hopefully when it is launched you shall see it splashed all over framing narratives and the virtual world (fingers crossed!)

I was also traveling. I went to London for a week. Went to Bath. Both were am-a-zing!! There might be some more exciting updates on that front soon. Will keep you all posted.

Another super duper highlight of my Aug-Sept month has been the wedding card that I am designing for a friend of mine! It should go to the printer this week so you guys will see photographs of what it actually looks like!

I am blowing wonderful, beautiful life into ‘framing narratives’ by posting things that I have read and liked in the last month.

Enjoy and see you guys back here! I will be waiting…pining

1. Medha Khosla, a super talented fashion and textile designer from NY and one of my closest friends is now designing some really gorgeous textiles. She started a blog called ‘All things printed’. Take a look here and subscribe!

2. Quirk box- Another game changer in the design industry in India. QurikBox started by Jayesh Sachdev and Rixi Bhatia, has got people quirking wildly with excitement! From fashion to accessories, from Mumbai to Chennai these guys are off to a great start! They were also recently featured in India’s list for game changers under the age of 35.

3. I love this ‘love stamp’ that Jessica Hische has designed! Every time I read her blog and this pops up it makes me happy! I love the lettering and the playfulness on the word ‘forever’.

4. I am signing off with the latest update on ‘The Viewspaper’ started by entrepreneur ShivBhaskar Dravid. The Viewspaper has recently won the World Youth Summit Award (WYS). The WYS festival is due to be held in Austria this November! Very very proud moment for everyone who is  part of this platform. ‘The Viewspaper’ was also featured in ‘The Asian age’. I have been working with him for years now and it is one of the best online platform available in the country today. Take a look on page 23  of the Asian age here.


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