This weekend is going to be a craz-heee one! I have to drive down towards Mysore (which btw is an amazing city!) to drop off my cousin. And I am taking a break from blogging, mail checking, random browsing etc.

But next week onwards I will have some exciting updates for you! If you recall one of my previous posts, Nokia Research Center is organizing a design competition called ‘Bhasha2011’.

This competition is now drawing to an end on the 22nd of July. Since I am heading this project I am quite excited to see how it all ends!

I will also be the master of ceremonies of the final event! So quite a lot of preparation to do the following week.

Leaving you with a few more photographs from the House, Home, Family series

Hope you all have a Friday of awesomeness that trickles into your weekend!



  1. In Indiranagar over brunch
  2. A Leila’s cafe- one of my favorite sunday breakfast places in Shoreditch, London
  3. When Sunny came home- dont be fooled by the innocent face. This boy is a brat!

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