Introducing our first Guest Blogger on Framing Narratives ‘ Nadia Troeman’

“Humans in all cultures come to cast their own identity in some sort of narrative form. We are inverate storytellers” (Owen Flanagan)

As a Narrative Designer I like to play with the possibility of influencing peoples perceptions. This can be done through many different media, nevertheless it’s always about the overall story where every aspect of the environment; the work, the audience, the user, the location, the architecture etc. will become part of one strong narrative. As such, new connections and experiences are created.

Apart from illustrating, photography, travelling, mango juice and Carlos Santana I love to work on varied projects in which collaboration will always play an important role. This allows me to constantly redevelop ideas and design strategies and the ever important visuals.

After growing up and studying in different countries I obtained my Bachelor in Graphic design in 2007 at the Willem de Kooning Academie, in The Netherlands after which I graduated on the course Creative Practice of Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London 2009.

As a professional freelancer in ‘the many fields of design’, I currently live in Rotterdam – The Netherlands, where I create narrative designs based on good research and feminine intuition. I’m in search of interesting collaborations and challenges in Holland and abroad to make sure I can create innovative and personal designs so that the user will go home with an experience and not only with a business card.

Nadia Troeman

“the many fields of design”

You can take a look at her work here www.nadiatroeman.com / info@nadiatroeman.com




HL Architecture, in collaboration with the narrative designer Nadia Troeman and DGMR, with their Antillean partner Madeco Project Vision, has won the competition for the design of a new multi-discipline school in the town of North Saliña, on the island of Bonaire. The jury, chaired by Professor Carlos Weeber and including Glenn Thodé, Governor of Bonaire and Enigma Giskus, Director of the Reina Beatrix School, awarded the HL Architecture team first prize. The competition was initiated by the Bonaire Office of Public Works and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The design accommodates four different communities which when combined form a single cluster for 650 pupils. The individual elements include the Kolegio Papa Cornes and De Pelicaan schools, a kindergarten and a community sports centre. Each community has its own place: an atrium building with a central playing area.

The four structures are grouped around a protected central courtyard that can be used by the entire school. The circulation space, while condensed as much as possible, creates a variety of interrelated educational and play areas.

Instead of creating 4 separate architectural clusters, each school is part of a strong identity structure which connects and defines them into one building.

This identity is build up of typical Bonairian symbols. Each community stands for 1 of the 4 symbols which in turn not only creates a separate identity for each – which will translate into a clear signage system, but it also shows that they are part of the same ‘Brede School’. In addition the elements of the design are integrated into the site so that architecture, design and landscape are combined to create a playfull but strong sense of place .

The essence of the project lies in the climatological approach; the dry and warm climate of the Antilles requires a suitable wind strategy, shaded facades and the use of materials with low heat capacity. The design combines the low-tech knowledge of traditional local construction with innovative ecological techniques to achieve a specific individual energy system for the entire building complex.




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