What a weekend it was! Chaotic! I did not get the change to hover around my computer, drink my two cups of morning tea, to read the paper, to read other blogs or watch movie trailers while eating my meal at a sane pace. It was all dashing around, ticking long lists of things to do, arranging, organizing and wild scratching of pending tasks on a million post-its!

Well, the reason for all this frantic squawking and running around was because I am off for a two week long holiday! Yeahh!

Double yeah because I am going to the Caribbean! How perfect…awe-some..fan-tas-tic. The excitement makes it hard to form sentences. You know what I mean…

Oh! I did go and watch ‘X-men-First Class’ though (how could I not!) and it was very enjoyable to say the least! There were moments of loud hooting, cheering and the big bad wolf howling- all of course done in a ladylike manner. Go watch it if you can!


I will be writing in as much as I can from Nassau. But, in the meantime I wanted to invite my lovely friend Nadia Troeman to write for Framing Narratives, about some of the interesting and award winning work that she has been doing in Holland.

So watch this space tomorrow for Nadia’s post!

Hope you guys had an incredible weekend!



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