I have been terrible about writing anything this week. The reason for that is I was concluding the film edits. And its finally done and more importantly it was quite well received I hear. So joy joy for that!

Apart from that I did meet a few interesting people and I would really like to invite them to write for Framing Narratives.

One of them is Pari. Even though I met her briefly, I was completely taken in by some of the incredible work that she does in the public sector. She works for the Ashoka group, collaborates extensively with entrepreneurs and designers to facilitate social change. She travels the length and breath of the country and works closely with people in the rural communities to facilitate grass-root change. So important thing do sometime in the coming two week is to make a breakfast date with her and pick her brains!

I have been collecting things here and there to blog about but let me start with this tube light that I spotted in Ahemdabad. This is in continuation to my previous post about spotting products that have evolved. Well, this is an interesting fusion of two objects.

Bangles covering white tube light to add some color and interest to an otherwise unattractive and boring light fitting!

I do like it!


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