I have spent the last 5 days shooting a film for Nokia Research Center to showcase the work that we are doing. Although it has been quite intense I am now looking forward to editing all the footage! EX-CI-TING-G-G-G!

Will try and upload a teaser if I can…there are NDA’s and all to think about.

Its been a super hectic month but here are a few things that I am thinking about…

1. Reading up a bit more about the architecture and design behind the Taj Mahal. The symmetry and patterns are one of the key features of Islamic architecture. All the patterns at the Taj have been done by hand by artisans. Each of the petals, for example in the image below have been hand cut and fitted in. It is believed that by the time the artisans finished making and completing these patterns, their fingers were cut and damaged forever. As a result they could not work on another monument to re-create their work. Taj hence remains a singular unique building with this kind of work.

2. How products evolve. Want to document how traditional products have evolved to cater to modern needs. I found a few examples on my recent work visit to Gujarat. The first image, the traditional India tumbler now with a handle. The second image is that of ‘chuski’ or crushed ice with syrup bottles which were initially just regular bottles with straws, now with steel cones for pouring.

3. Fusion architecture. We discovered a mosque in Ahemdabad which had distinct motifs and icons which were Hindu rather than Islamic, Persian. Would like to read more on this as well!

4. Planning to get an abridged version of the Upanishads– any suggestions?

ciao for now!!


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