Indian wedding are painfully long you know. They go on for days and leave everyone exhausted, tired and overfed (not necessarily in a good way). But here is what i enjoy about South Indian weddings the most-

Food served on banana leaves- have to admit it just tastes better.

The color of your food and the order in which it is served. Sweets are always served first because your stomach has higher capacity to digest heavier food in the beginning-hence the sweets. Plus, it nice to start your meal with something sweet : ) Fair do’s. There are over 20 dishes served out of steel buckets by men who come and pour food on your leaf plate.

I like the jewelery, the colors of the stones and the designs. The  gorgeous traditional designs that your mum wears that belonged to her great great grandmother. Designs that you don’t see anymore. I really enjoy spotting the various kinds of jewelery- traditional, modern, modern imitating traditional.

Henna patterns with hidden names and symbols. Not a big fan of henna smell or henna on my hands. eck! But it is nice to look at!

I did enjoy spotting these- the interesting coconut ceremony decorations.

And finally, the stories behind some of the traditions. See, here is the problem. Weddings in the South of India are not very interactive. Traditions are lost in translation. Chants are not understood by anyone and as a result you are just a silent spectator watching the wedding events take place. It is rather boring to be honest.

Perhaps this is an interesting area to look at in terms of narrative environments. Weddings is rich in its history and storytelling. Can we make it more interactive and engaging for someone who is a spectator without disturbing its sensitive cultural fabric?  Can we overcome the language barriers (chants being in Sanskrit-which is not spoken or understood by the majority) to re-tell relevant aspects of our tradition and history?

Overall a bright colorful weekend and a family reunion of sorts with the backdrop of a beautiful wedding!

The first week of May I am off reviewing the final candidates for Bhasha Design competition. I know I have been ending my posts with this reference for a while. Seriously, I am posting stuff on Bhasha this week! Its on my to-do or die list!

Have a good day everyone!



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