I had a long interesting weekend. It was a reunion of sorts with some old friends coming back into town. After college, our group of 10 odd friends shifted to different parts of the world to study and work. Now meetings have became more sporadic, once a year to once in four years! I guess that’s how life tends to shape up.

Summer is here…clearly- since the camels are out!

And people have begun to put out water for people passing by.

It’s getting hot but here is thing that keeps me afloat. Mangoes! The mango season is here! I haven’t been in India for the mango season for over 2 years now I think…

I made my first Maharashtrian style ‘Aam Rass’ (literally translates to Mango Juice) on Saturday! Talk about awesomeness! la la laaaaaa! So so good!

Apart from all this, I did manage to get myself onto the computer for some regular internet abuse and found this really lovely blog by Sally J Shim! Take a look. I am going to be exploring it this week.

The following week will be interesting. Nokia Research Center, Bangalore (myself and two other team members) kick stared an all India Design competition called Bhasha about 2 months ago. Its now its semi final review stage and will draw to an end in July! More about that this week!

Hope you are all having an awesome week!



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