Speaking of home, I had an interesting weekend at my Aunt’s. India vs Sri Lanka World Cup final was on and the country of 2 billion is watching! India won! wohooo! It was an incredible game! People were out on the streets celebrating till 4:00 am! just incredible!

Today is a holiday for Ugadi, which is the first day of the Hindu calendar. So its the Karantaka New Year. In India various communities have different new year’s. Tamil community (which is the one that I belong to) has its New Year on the 14th of April. Back to the point, had a pretty good weekend swimming, eating pizza while watching the World Cup, chasing Sunny the beagle around the house (how cute is he!!!), skype dates and taking a walk in the April rain (seriously guys if you haven’t tried it, you must!)

Pictures from the weekend. Sorry for the quality of some of the photographs, the light was really low.

World Cup semi-finals at work…clearly no work got done that day!

Neighborhood kids playing hop-scotch after Ugadi pooja’s were over.


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