Its been a long time since I blogged. As always it’s been busy. I have been traveling between London and India for the last three months. I finally managed to also get my residency visa for UK for two years!! Yeah!

It was also good to be back in London. Met my friends who I had not seen in a long time. Thats’s Nina and Karen at Albion.

Went to some of my old haunts. Beas of Bloomsbury with Rakhi. Such a gorgeous café! There is nothing more amazing that having a good strong cappuccino while watching someone slather a cake with rich chocolate icing!

Spotted a horse carriage, beautiful black stallions on my walk back from Beas.

A toilet sign in the middle of the road on Oxford Street, that I had never noticed before!

Rachel and I walked around Covent Garden thrashing out her concepts for her exhibition! Walking and thinking work-especially if the sun is out!

Balloons stuck to the ceiling of Liverpool Street Station, never noticed those earlier either! Look up if you are there!

This time being in London also made me think of Home. A sense of being lost and a sense of ‘being at home’. I have never stayed in one city long enough, and as a result I never feel a sense of belonging to any place in particular and worse I never feel like I know a city well enough to call my own. If you know you are not going to be in a place long enough you tend to live there like you are in a transit lounge of an airport. You window shop, skim through the key attractions, have a casual chat with someone interesting and then you move on. It got me thinking about why one feels the need to belong?

1)   To make friends whose company you can continue to enjoy for many years to come

2)   Gives you sense of security- you know where you are, you know how to find your way through

3)   You can buy furniture that you don’t have to sell!

More thoughts on this later…

On my way back from London, I was traveling with an old lady among others. She couldn’t speak Hindi or English (two languages that I speak fluently and could possibly), she only spoke Punjabi. She had such a hard time working her way from immigration desk, all the way to landing in India. She didn’t understand how to get her landing card, fill it or even how operate her inflight entertainment.

How can traveling be made less intimidating for older people or for less frequent flyers traveling abroad? How can technology aid in this process?

There seem to be many frequent flyers forums, blogs and applications like but none that would help keeping in mind such a target audience.

If you know anything that has been designed to help infrequent or first time flyers flying abroad then share it with me!

Hope you all had a good sunday!




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