At Nokia Research Center, we are working on a very valuable and interesting project called Akshar.  I have been working on this project for a few months now, validating the language content, testing our product and conducting field research and trials n Mumbai and Bangalore. The biggest challenge has been to find people who are well versed in their local language. People who receive education in english medium schools are educated out of their mother tonuge/ local language because there is no real need for them to write in it. English is used at work, on computers, phones and local languages remain confined to conversations. Its a harsh reality and a sad fact.

Although on the brighter side, people are realizing this and new blogs, newspapers and applications being developed, that allows people to write and get more literate in their local language.

I will try and put up videos on Akshar at some point. More updates on Akshar, as this product gets closer to its launch.


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