The weekend was a weekend of sorts! packed and rather exciting!

I went for the Aero show that was held in Bangalore. Although, I have to admit I am not much of a fan, what kept me occupied was the experience itself. As a designer who is interested in the narrative environments, I tend to make notes on how experiences are designed for people to interact and participate with. The aero show was great- content wise! Some of the best planes were on display, it was well promoted by the media and attracted people from all over.

Basic facilities were taken care of- bathrooms at various points. Not too clean though- and no cleaners in sight!

Food court- with no proper disposable system. Plastic bottles were piled up in various places.

Foam caps were provided since it was hard- but they hardly served the purpose.

There were chairs in random locations and too many people were fighting for it.

There were no exit signs on our way out which resulted in a lot of confusion- people went into the entry paths to leave.

The content of this show was so great! However the experience was so little thought of and one invariably left with no feelings at all, instead of feeling thrilled or exited.  Providing people with some material on the show and what they would expect to see would have surely helped increase involvement and interest of the audience

Having pointed out the bad design planning, to be fair, I should also point out that there was the challenge of too many people attending the show and more so too many people not following basic rules (like throwing garbage in the bins!). And unlike a large sports match, this had to be in the open.

Well, I hope that the next Aero show I visit in Bangalore really considers the people rather than sitting content with the fact that ‘we are showing them good planes, what more do they want?’

Not to be too harsh, I did have a good time though and it was a pleasure watching all the various planes take off and perform some incredible stunts.



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