Hello everyone!

After a 2.5 week gap of non blogging, I am happy to be back on my dashboard page and elated to be getting back to some sort of a general life routine. The gap occurred of course due to work (which is currently quite exciting!) and then there was an incredible week long trip to London. I heart London!

However now, I am back- promising to write regularly with dedication. And I am back with some exciting news!

I have been working with the extremely clever and talented entrepreneur Shivbhaskar Dravid – the director of The Viewspaper to launch the new Youth On Design site. We kick start this week, and I am really excited about this! As soon as we are up and about, I will post a link on Framing Narratives- so anyone reading-please do check it up and let me know your thoughts. We are counting on your feedback!

A little bit about The Viewspaper.

Started by entrepreneur Shiv Bhaskar Dravid in 2007. As the tag line suggests- its ‘The Voice of Youth’- a platform that allows young people to express their views on various subjects and issues that matter to them. It encourages young people to write, become publishers and pioneer movements using the online platform of Viewspaper. Attracting young contributors from world over, Viewspaper has grown as a powerful online youth platform.

It was recently nominated for the TEDXY Awards and you can take a look at Shivbhaskar’s video talk below.



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