I have been absolute rubbish at updating Framing Narratives.

What can I say except the same old..same old…busy. Work has been absolutely nuts and I was in Mumbai conducting user tests for various Indian Languages. It was really very exciting! I have been thinking about the evolution and the changing nature of Indian Languages. We realize that with the massive influence of English a lot of languages like Spanish and Hindi are turning into Spanglish and Hinglish respectively.

But what really got me interested was the birth and death of languages. Like Sanskrit- it has been the key influencer of almost all Indian Languages but no one speaks it. But there are still words we use everyday that are purely Sanskrit.

What kind of losses do we suffer in terms of cultural expressions when we let go or change certain aspects of our language due to the influence of another?

How can a country like India, standardize languages when every village,city, state has many (and versions of the many) languages? and if languages are brutally standardized, what kind of losses will we suffer by loosing out on their versions?

Why doesnt the education system not just teach a language but also teach the value of a language?

How can local languages have the same value as English-which is viewed as a language of opportunities in developing nations such as India?

I want to share a rather incredible project we are working on at Nokia Research Centre around this area but, there are the laws and the signed NDA’s neatly filed away. So watch out this space for an update – as soon as I am allowed to talk about it of course! And in the mean time , feel free to point me to some interesting papers or projects done in this area!


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