{Shoes designed by Namrata Ramaratnam ‘Madras’}

Wandering Feet is a really fun project that I have been working and facilitating along with Crystal Campbell of Bokkie Shoes (Cape Town). This project investigates fun and intuitive ways of moving through cities. ‘Wandering Feet’ invites artists and designers to explore their cities and share their journey through artwork mapped on shoes.

{Shoes designed by Trevor }

Take a look at our Flickr page for the incredible shoes some of super talented artists have created for ‘Wandering Feet’. The shoes will be eventually be auctioned for charity. Feel free to leave your thoughts or comments!

‘For all illustrators, artists, designers and dreamers…’Wandering Feet’ presents this awesome opportunity to illustrate your ‘wanderings’ and footprints on plain white Bokkie boots! If you would like to join this worthy cause (Cape Town people) drop us a line at bokkie.shoes@mweb.co.za to arrange a collection or order your free pair from http://www.etsy.com/shop/wanderingshoes


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