Wandering Geography is a project exploration alternative ways of navigating through cities. It investigates how intuitive and traditional knowledge can be a useful way of understanding how we see and remember our spaces.
Inspired from celestial mapping, astrology and astronomy, Wandering Geography invited people to wander and map their journey based on this personal, tacit and inherent knowledge of spaces.
VisualAcumen cards were an integral part of the research process for this project. They were key in investigating what people felt about their relationship with the city. It was also a very successful tool is getting stories and uninhibited responses from a variety of people between New Delhi and London. Here are some of the examples
Visual Acumen Cards for Wandering Geography ‘ Tell me something about getting lost in this city’ designed to get people’s responses on how they connect with the city, what aspects they like or dislike and what activity in the city engages them.

As part of this process of exploration, I designed a series of blank templates with indicators and instigators to initiate this intuitive wandering.
Wandering Geography invited and attracted participants from all over the world including cities such as London, Delhi, Atlanta, New York and Madrid. Below is a wandering done by Carmen Vela Maldonaldo in London. You can see more wanderings here.

Wandering Geography was also later featured in Directions Media magazine, United Kingdom. I also exhibited Wandering Geography at Enter09 exhibition by Watermans Gallery (London) showcasing the work of the finest graduates of 2009.

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