Over the last five years, I have been working on a range of research based projects and developing tools and probes to investigate and gather information from people and communities. VisualAcumen cards is a tool that I designed as a final year BA student at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology and since then sharpened and improved upon.

VisualAcumen cards are an emotive mapping tool that enables one to gather information in the form of stories. These cards are derived from psychological test such as Thematic Apperception test (TAT) that provide catalysts for people in the form of visuals to create narratives.These narratives or stories give a clear insight into people’s subconscious opinions, thoughts and ideas. VisualAcumen cards have now been used for two key research projects Rhizophorous and Wandering Geography.

The advantage of VisualAcumen cards are the following

  1. They are easily adaptable for various projects
  2. They are tactile and not intimidating for participants
  3. They allow for the participant to use the story card as they want- allowing for personal and un-tailored responses
  4. They are almost always visually stunning
  5. They allow for feedback and give a clear indication of the nature of the culture, community and spaces where they are used.
I would be happy to collaborate and develop storycards for specific projects that you might have in mind. Drop me a line!

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