VisualAcumen cards were first designed for ‘Rhizophorous’, my final BA project at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. ‘Rhizophorous’ means to bear roots. This was a future forecasting project that created future scapes of lifestyles that people would lead in 2050.
The three major area of exploration to create these scenarios were Science and technology, Religion and Traditional knowledge systems. ‘Rhizophorous’ emerged from the key question of how people dealt with their ‘modern’ life and investigated patterns that they created to cope with the fast paced lifestyle, characteristic of the 21st century.
VisualAcumen Cards were the most important part of this research project. Over 400 VisualAcumen cards were placed in Bangalore and New Delhi asking people to write down ideas, stories and memories of how they dealt with their modern life. The key question asked was
‘What stresses you out and how do you deal with it?’

The intention behind asking this specific question was to unearth ways in which people dealt with their hectic life (stress being a key outcome of it). What emerged from these VisualAcumen Cards were beautiful, detailed, personal and insightful stories from people in both these cities. The information gathered through these VisualAcumen cards led to the emergence of three main areas of investigation- science and technology, religion and traditional knowledge systems.

Feel free to leave traces of your thoughts and ideas behind on this subject!

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