I am quite excited to come back to London and work with Giles Lane of Proboscis to re-evaluate Articulating Futures and try and develop a standard workshop format for the same.
Articulating Futures was an immensely successful project and workshop for more than one reason. It clearly indicated the need for creative practitioners and story tellers to play an active role in developing educational curriculums in India. Their role perhaps as important that of child psychologists. Secondly, the project was interesting as it also introduced open source, creative and open source tools in classroom structures, to allow students to articulate, learn, comprehend, and communicate more effectively.
You can read about Articulating Futures here
The workshop model would be developed for teachers as well as students to initiate effective discussions in classrooms. We are hoping to target cities which are evolving in terms of their identity and re-defining the relevance of their culture, tradition and even language like those in India, Brazil and China.
I am also looking forward to Articulating Futures being published in REDO Pakisthan a newspaper started by artists and designers of Other Asias.
I will post the link to paper as soon as I get my copy!

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