Emotive Data and Narrative Mapping as a tool for Processing.

On the 24th and 25th of April, I attended a very interesting workshop put together by two of my friends and college mates in London- Crystal Campbell and Nina Honiball along with Near Interaction’s Diogo Terroso. What was interesting about this two day workshop was to uncover and discover cross overs between narrative theories and tools and data visualization. With a total of 16 participants, each specifically interested in what Processing can do when fused with narrative theories, we worked through basics of processing and the structures behind data visualizations.

I left the workshop asking myself- How can data visualization be designed and told in a manner that people in general (with or without any knowledge of Processing) can read?  I found the data can be so beautifully categorized and visualized through Processing. However, it is impossible to access the information without having a very strong background in Processing. Isn’t the value of knowledge in interaction and sharing?
How can oral tradition combined with Processing showcase evolution of information?
How fantastic is it to add geometry to any kind of data available in this world to see how they organize and connect with each other!
Here is a link to Joshua Davis, an artist, designer and technologist based out of New York, who uses data visualizations, technology and machines to create stunning work! http://www.joshuadavis.com/
Workshop details here.

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